In this latest edition of the Traveling Golfer, Tony brings us his top 10 from the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.

The actual merchandise show was in January, 2024. This episode of the Traveling golfer is in March, 2024. Yes, it takes a while to sort through everything.

What I love about Tony’s round-up is that there are so many things that I missed even though I was there for The Golf for four days shooting and producing videos of products I thought Tony would’ve had in his top 10.

Reason and Result of Golf’s Popularity

That is also the beauty of the PGA Merchandise Show. This gathering of close to 1 million people with thousands of new innovations is both the cause and the result of Golf’s resurgent popularity.

It is the premier event in the golf industry and plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the sport. As the largest gathering of golf professionals, industry leaders, and decision-makers, the show provides a platform for networking, innovation, and the introduction of new products and technologies.

As Tony shows us, one of the primary reasons the PGA Merchandise Show is of paramount importance to the golf industry is its role in driving innovation and development. The event serves as a launchpad for showcasing the latest advancements in golf equipment, apparel, and accessories.

Manufacturers and developers use this platform to unveil their newest products, allowing golf professionals and enthusiasts to experience cutting-edge technology and design firsthand.

PGA Show Is A Mecca

Moreover, the show offers an invaluable opportunity for networking and collaboration. Personally, the show for me is exhilarating because I get to meet and reconnect with so many Golf professionals and innovators that I can interview and help promote.

I am not alone. Industry professionals, retailers, and golf course owners converge at the event, facilitating interactions that can lead to new partnerships, business opportunities, and the exchange of best practices. The connections made at the PGA Merchandise Show often lead to the development of strategic alliances, furthering the growth and evolution of the golf industry.

In addition to fostering innovation and networking, the show serves as a knowledge hub, offering educational seminars, workshops, and presentations on a wide range of industry-related topics. These sessions cover areas such as retail strategies, golf course management, teaching techniques, and the latest trends in consumer behavior. By providing a platform for continuous learning and professional development, the show contributes to the enhancement of skills and knowledge within the golf community.

The PGA Merchandise Show also plays a significant role in shaping consumer trends and preferences. You’ll see a number of them in Tony’s Top 10 belie here.

PGA Show Directly Affects Your Game

With thousands of attendees, including golf professionals, retailers, and media representatives, the event has a profound impact on the direction of the industry. The products and trends showcased at the show often set the tone for the upcoming golf season, influencing purchasing decisions and shaping the consumer landscape.

Furthermore, the show’s influence extends beyond the United States, attracting international exhibitors and attendees, making it a global platform for the golf industry. This international presence helps in fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas on a global scale, contributing to the globalization of the sport and the expansion of its reach.

Teasing Tony’s Top 10

Let me rundown what you’re about to see in Tony’s top 10.

America Fit is a clothing manufacturer with amazing fabric and fit. For you women golfers, you will go nuts over the ladies’ fashions here.

Bridgestone Golf will blow you away with their mindset system wrapped around a green dot on your golf ball to increase your hand-eye concentration.

Certi-Fresh Cigars has a new four pack of stogies to keep your foursome smokin on the course.

Tour Edge has he knew series 24 driver with all the technology but sold that, wait for it, $249.

Copper Tech will blow you away with their training glove that offers you grip and shoulder alignment that could take the place of a golf coach. You really have to see this.

Golf Forever Has PGA TOUR Champ Justin Leonard showing off the swing training products that will help you add speed and endurance to your golf swing. Tony says it’s the busiest place at the show.

Green Keepers will keep your pots lined up. They make the ink for golf balls that won’t smear and they are resistant. If you need that straight line to the hole, then this is a product you need to take a swing at.

Lag Master is another training aid that most of us need. It attaches to your club and keeps you from letting your hands jump in front of your shoulders on your downswing. It’s simple and it only cost $119.

Makefield Putters has a new putter out. It is the VSF putter. Besides having all the new technology, it also has a fitting system that you can do at home.

Zoom Broom will make Golf in New England during the fall much easier. The zoom room blows away the leaves on the green that you can store in your golf bag. Tony learns how to grip it.

OK, I have teased you here enough. Now it’s time to take the tour with Tony.

John Daly is a TV host, author, producer, and single digit handicap golfer. As an internationally known TV host, he has played in numerous celebrity and charity golf events. He was also a member of the Celebrity Players Tour back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In addition, John writes and hosts segments for The Golf And his other TV show, Undercover Jetsetter, which he hosts with Susan Anzalone, covers travel, food, Mixology, wine, and golf.