About The Traveling Golfer Show

The Traveling Golfer Show has become the most widely distributed golf television show in America. It has been voted the #1 Golf Television Show in America four times by the International Network of Golf at the PGA Show. Each episode (there are18 annual episodes) of  The Traveling Golfer Show is aired in excess of 120 times across the included broadcast/network television, cable, and streaming application distribution. It airs multiple times weekly on programmed Cable and OTA networks (29 million+ households). The show is available on-demand to more than 170 million subscribers on OTT, Connected TV, and Smart TV applications. It is shared in its entirety (as well as included segment reels) receiving 1 million+ views annually across affiliated social media accounts. The Traveling Golfer Show and its covered content is shared across dozens of affiliate websites, magazines, and other media/press websites.  By way of the wingding TV™ family of applications, the show is accessible from over 15 billion devices globally.