Think of your favorite Par-5. You know different ways to secure a birdie or even an eagle.  Bomb a drive to reach it in two.  Hit the 5-wood off the tee to keep it safe so you have a comfortable wedge shot in for a birdie putt.

Well, you have similar options when you book your Myrtle Beach Golf experience that is fun, challenging, and relaxing.

We show you on the latest episode of Traveling Golfer. This show highlights the exceptional offerings of the Myrtle Beach Golf Authority and Elliott Beach Rentals, presenting a seamless blend of sport and leisure with their golf stay and play rental packages.

Our guide is Sweet Swinging Brian Noblin, The Golf Director for the Myrtle Beach Golf Authority, which is a part of Elliott Beach Rentals.

Three Courses in The Heart of Myrtle Beach

Brian guides us around the Myrtle Beach area and three golf courses you need to hit.

In fact, he shows you how easy coming to the beach for a stay and play is.

Brian, like a pro caddie, guides you in your planning that will allow you to literally arrive in the Myrtle Beach area and head to the course.  Your planning is already done.  You have an itinerary.  All you do is concentrate on golf, food, drink, and relaxing evenings.

And don’t fret about cost. Eliott has more than 1,500 properties that range all kinds of budgets.

Elliott Beach Rentals provides a wide array of beach houses and condos, perfect for relaxing after a day on the links that will make you feel like you’re watching Southern Living or Home and Garden.  We’re talking hot tubs, pools, and even basketball courts – and some of them overlooking the ocean.

And they have dozens of courses to choose from that offer all kinds of experience for all golf playing levels.

In addition, Brian lays out a schedule for you if you’re looking to explore the middle of Myrtle Beach.

How To Play When You Arrive

He takes you to three great courses: Beachwood Golf Club, Azalea Sands, and Eagle’s Nest.  All three have undergone significant enhancements, elevating the golfing experience to new heights.

When you land or arrive, you need to hit Beachwood Golf Club first.

Here’s why.

Beachwood is a fun, but forgiving course.  All skill levels can play this course and have fun.  But if you’re just arriving from out of town, you want a relaxing round first to get those shanks and slices out of the way.

Another reason to hit Beachwood first is one of the world’s best custom club fitters — Al Cloyd.  I can say it, because Al has made my wife’s and my clubs to perfection. Al’s Custom Golf is right there at Beachwood. Besides custom fitting, he can repair, regrip, and re-shaft your clubs at the start of your trip.

To show you how good Al is, he hosts the Tech Talk segment for Traveling Golfer, as you will see.

Next, Brian takes us to Azalea Sands Golf Club.  This is another enjoyable course, not tough, something all golfers will appreciate.  Plus it is in great shape and the clubhouse is newly renovated.

3 Toughest Finishing Holes

Brian, for some reason, gives up his hosting duties so some hotdog eating wanna-be. You may recognize him especially if you read the byline on this article.

Yes, I get to host the segment called At the Turn as I chow down one of Azalea Sands all-beef hotdogs that are scrumptious.

Next, Brian takes control from the munching fool, and brings us to Eagles Nest Golf Course.  The renovations are obvious here. The driving range reminds you of Pinehurst.  They have club-fitting here.  Plus, the golf carts are luxurious you can even hook your smart phones into them.  Imagine doing a Zoom from the course.

Eagles Nest can cater to all golfing skills.  But you need to be ready.  The course has more sand and waste areas, so make sure to use that screen on your cart.

But the big lure of Eagles Nest is the final three holes – and it has always been.  These are the toughest three finishing holes in the Myrtle Beach area.

And Sweet Swinging Brian plays 16, 17, and 18 to perfection.  He’s strategic on all three.  Just watch and notice his planning.


John Daly is The Real John Daly.  Although he was a pro golfer on the Celebrity Players Tour, he is not Long John Daly, the two-time major champion.  And Long John has commented on Real John Daly. “You’re ruining my name,” he tells him often.  His nickname Real John Daly comes from hosting the internationally syndicated show Real TV.  John is also the Co-Host and Co-Creator of Undercover Jetsetter with Susan Anzalone.  John is also the host of Carolina Buzz about things happening along the Carolina Coasts.  And he is the host of The Golf Director, all on Wingding TV.