It’s long drive world championships for everyone.

And as Tony found out in this episode of The Traveling Golfer, “everyone” means elite long drive hitters, kids as young as seven years old, seniors who still have it in their 70s, and even those who are disabled.

Plus, contestants arrive from countries all over the world including Canada, Japan, and South Africa.

And they all have a chance to walk away with a world championship title.

Tony spent five days in Kayce, South Carolina to capture what happens at the Ultimate Long Drive (ULD) championships.

You Will Want To Attend

After watching this episode, we think you will set your calendar for the next ULD championships.

And we’re not just talking about competitors. This is a great spectator event held against the backdrop of some picturesque southern landscapes.

The stories are compelling.

How about a family that competed in three different categories with a grandmother, a mother, and a son all launching titanic drives.

King Henry Of Long Drive

And then there is Henry O’Grady. Henry has Downs Syndrome and autism. But he is one of the most celebrated long drivers at these events.

Jeff Gilder, the founder and chairman of ULD, tells Tony how Henry’s spirit gets the crowd roaring as he blasts his drives and then he takes his trophy.

There are a number of competitors who are disabled but that does not stop any of them.

Jeff Gilder tells Tony that a number of amputees also compete from their wheelchair.

Jeff says ULD has given many of these competitors new dreams and goals. “I interviewed guys who told me that they had given up their life until they found this out to get them out there.”

ULD is also creating some of the elite professional long drivers like Adam Betcher, who competes in the open division. This is his first year. But ULD allows him to compete while also working as a mechanical engineer.

Don’t Need To Be Muscled Up

Wait until you see Adam. He is not one of those muscled up giants that you see at many long drive events, as Tony points out.

Adam, like the other competitors here, had to qualify throughout the year at different events that are held throughout the world.

Take a look at this site to see how you can qualify.

The championships also attract some vendors that can help the long drivers.

Tony interviews Matt Ellenburger, of Shark Attack Golf, who can adjust golf clubs for the long drive competitors right there with mechanical tweaks to find the perfect fit.

Plus, Tony interviews Dan Cataldi, of Groov Custom Inserts, whose inner soles gives long drivers more power from “the ground up.”

Now it’s time for you to watch this episode with some titanic swings and emotions with a throng of excited onlookers.

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