Traveling Golfer On The Myrtle Beach Golf Trail

Buckle up. The Traveling Golfer flies you to the Myrtle Beach Golf Trail.

Hosts  AJ Gohil and Dustin Gilder

Your pilots for this episode are AJ Gohil and Dustin Gilder, as Tony Leodora hands over the hosting throttle for this episode.

And why not?


AJ is the sales Director for the Myrtle Beach Golf Trail and he knows everything about these courses on the trail that stretch 60 miles from Murrells Inlet, South Carolina to Supply, North Carolina.


Dustin, who is the Traveling Golfer Executive Producer, hops in front of the camera with AJ while also swinging his clubs to give us a better feel for this classic collection and combination of Carolina Coast courses.

We warn you. You come once, you will keep coming back. These 23 courses will give you close to 100 different combinations for many different and varied golf trips.

The Pearl

AJ and Dustin take us first to The Pearl Golf Club in Calabash, North Carolina. This 27-hole course offers you everything — the intracoastal waterway, forests, and the traditional Parkland pine tree style layout.

Trey Ernstes, General Manager, The Pearl

The Pearl General Manager Trey Ernstes is hosting an event for local golf directors who package golf trips for visitors coming to the area.

Needless to say, these local businessmen love the golf trail, and they rave about The Pearl.

But they also get to see a little shenanigans from Trey. Along with some help from Dustin, they are able to offer a loud disruption to AJ’s backswing.  It leaves all of us laughing.

Although, we wouldn’t advise you doing this on your trip to the Pearl.

Sandpiper Bay

Next, AJ and Dustin head over to Sandpiper Bay. Although this is another great track, our hosts decide to have some lunch at one of the top golf courses on The Trail.

Richard Kascsak, Head Golf Professional, Sandpiper Bay

They sit down with Sandpiper Bay Head Pro Richard Kascsak at the course restaurant — chowing down on cheese, steak, a fish dish, and a Swiss burger. Of course, they enjoy themselves with some vodka tonics and Yuengling beer. Sandpiper Bay’s restaurant is known for its cuisine and libations by many golfers and non-golfers who frequent here.

Our hosts need to work off the meals, so they hustle down to nearby Meadowlands Golf, also in Calabash.


If you are planning a golf vacation, Meadowlands would be a good combo with either The Pearl or Sandpiper Bay on back-to-back days or if you were playing 36 in a day.

Harris D’antignac, General Manager, Meadowlands Golf Club

AJ and Dustin get the inside scoop from Harris D’antignac, the General Manager at Meadowlands.

The course has some of the best greens in the area. They are elevated and fast, but fair.

What you can’t see are the subtle renovations at Meadowlands. They have improved the irrigation system that eliminates any excess water on the course. Plus, they improved the sand traps while also eliminating some for ease of play.

Crown Park

Next, AJ and Dustin glide into Longs, South Carolina to take a look at Crown Park Golf, one of the true hidden gems on the Myrtle Beach Golf Trail.

The course is perfect for any golfer. However, it is very friendly for women and senior golfers.

Rob Lane, Head Golf Professional, Crown Park Golf Club

Head Golf Pro Rob Lane explains how the holes with water hazards usually have a 20-to-30-foot buffer between the greens, giving you a better shot of recovering without a penalty shot.

Like many of the courses on the Myrtle Beach Golf Trail, Rob says Crown Park has renovated its drainage system that keeps a lot of water off the fairways and greens in this traditional lowland region.

River Oaks Golf Club

Next, AJ and Dustin go further south and hit Myrtle Beach with another hidden gem, River Oaks Golf Course.

These 27 holes are a traditional Parkland style with a number of great views of local waterways.

Scott Taylor, General Manager, River Oaks Golf Club

General Manager Scott Taylor takes us to the tricky par-3 3rd hole on the Fox Course.

The 170-yard carry has a subtle uphill slope, requiring at least one — maybe two clubs — extra.

And Scott comes up short with his tee shot. Then he miss hits his chip shot.

Luckily, Dustin’s son, Eli is there to show him. At least we think Eli showed him by — wait a minute — holing it out. See what you think. But enjoy the celebration.


Next, AJ and Dustin parachute into Murrells Inlet, South Carolina to visit Blackmoor Golf Course, another classic Gary Player design.

The Black Knight has lanced part of the forest here to create one of the most unique and challenging holes on the Myrtle Beach Golf Trail.

Dustin takes on the challenge for us by showing how to play the Par-4 8th hole.

The 350-yard dog leg has the Black Knight’s fascinating option. The trees give you an alleyway to joust a shortcut to the green.

Dustin drives the narrow shortcut and almost gets there. He then shows his short game finesse with a tap in par.

Arcadian Shores

Before AJ and Dustin, call it a day, they stop in to get some advice from our segment Story Time with Uncle Frank. He is Frank Coughlin, the general of Arcadian Shores Golf.

“Uncle” Frank Coughlin, PGA General Manager, Arcadian Shores Golf Club

Frank offers you some advice on paying attention to your golf tee times. He says you need to treat them like an airline departure.

Frank also pontificates on the need, or lack of need, for iron covers.

And, Frank says you should bring a young golfer to a course to get show them the love the game.

Frank also pays tribute to Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas, but he keeps quiet on some other pros he seems to question.  We wonder who he is thinking about here.

Well, there are no questions about whether you should hit the Myrtle Beach Golf Trail.

This is a “must go-to” for anyone who picks up a golf club. All you have to do is go to this website.

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