The PGA Show is a must for any golf lover.

Each time one of us attends, we leave feeling so pumped about the new tech and innovations.
But then we realize there is so much we can’t remember. It’s like playing a great course for the first time and you want to remember each hole, but you miss one or two in your memory.
That’s why we love this episode of the Traveling Golfer.
Tony’s Top 10 gives us many categories of products we all need for our game.
Granted, Tony had some medical problems.  So, he gives us the intro to the show while the staff of Traveling Golfer makes it all happen.
Let’s go through them here.

Get A Grip On Your Game And Your Fitness

First, 360 Bands and 360 Grip. These are resistance band specifically designed for golfers.
Owner David Wolfenden explains how the 360 Bands, used for strength and exercise, have morphed into the 360 Grip that works the muscles that strengthen your grip.  But he explains how the grip needs flexion but also extension.
Next, the wind will help your swing with the Aero-Swing.
Really, it is wind resistance.

The Aero-Swing looks like a shaft filled with wiffle balls.

But it works.  Bill Orosz, creator of Aero-Swing, says 60% of long drive competitors use Aero-Swing.
World Long Drive Champ John Gilmour uses it to loosen up as well as train on it.
He says he picked up 5 more miles of swing speed in the first month he used it.
Next, more Long Drive help.

Bridgestone Balls: Length and Spin

The Bridgestone e9 Long Drive ball is a new product for long drive competitors.
While the e12 Contact, with it’s new e12 Flexative cover, is for the golfer who needs length but some spin around the green.

Don’t Let Pain Stop Your Many Rounds of Golf

So, you’re playing golf with some hand pain? Copper Tech Half-Glove is another Tony favorite. These gloves are copper-infused with Kangaroo skin.  You can get a spiky or tacky grip.  Besides pain, the gloves can reduce fatigue too by keeping your hands warm during the round.

Drivers Like Underwear: You Can Change A Lot

Tony next chooses the most versatile drivers around — from Tour Edge.  These are the Tour Edge Exotics — the C723 and E723 Drivers.
Tour Edge Exotics C723 is so adjustable that this driver head has more than 4,000 different option settings.
Meanwhile, the Tour Edge Exotics E723 stands for extreme.  Long Drive competitors want this one. The head is engineered to keep the head in position for straighter shots.

CDB All Over Your Golf Game

Tony goes back for more pain relief. He has the Embraced – A CBD-Charged Compression System of sleeves and socks in his top 10 too. These elbow and knee sleeves, along with the socks, are infused with CBD oil.  Plus, Company President Tyler Stone says there are spray bottles than can refresh and recharge the sleeves and socks.

Tee Time For Titanic Shots

We go back to distance driving.  Tony’s next choice is Tee M Up.  This is a tee that is engineered to create a more consistent teeing technique that will give you more yards and straighter tee shots.

An Interchangeable Putter?

Tony has not forgotten about your putting game.  He chooses Makefield Putters for the Top 10.  These custom-fitted putters are taking the industry by storm. They have three shapes of putter heads that have weight alignment from the back of clubhead to the equator.  In addition, these putters are interchangeable as the hosel has a screw to give you more choice in your putting game.

Wait! Golf Shoes With Style and Stamina

Tony love shoes, so he chose Skoni Golf Shoes.  This is a new line of golf shoes for younger and older golfers.  They are casual so you can wear them during a night out on the town.  But they are lighter reducing foot fatigue.  Also, the shoe is engineered so that 97% of the golfers can wear them.  And anyone who wears them can just slip them on — without having to bend over.  Still, Skoni shoes are so durable you could scrape them on the pavement while riding a motorcycle and the sole will still be intact.  No wonder Tony chose them.

Golf Bag Now An Obedient Dog

And finally, Tony has more walking options with the Stride Follow Me Bag – From Zero Friction.  This is a golf trolley.  It is engineered to follow you by remote control.  Don’t like tech?  Then you can use it as a push cart.  Don’t want to walk; you’d rather ride?  The wheels are detachable so you can mount them on a cart.  And, why not?  There is a cooler for at least 6 beers. And there is a pack for a lithium battery to keep your smart phone charged.

Susan Anzalone and John Daly are the Co-Creators and Co-Hosts of Undercover Jetsetter, a show on travel, food, wine, mixology and, of course, golf. They show you how to jetset the world and at home. They also co-authored the book, The TV Studio InYour Hand: How to Shoot, Edit & Deliver the Easy Way on Your iPhone. Join them for lighthearted fun, easy tips and hacks you can use no matter where you are.