The Heritage Golf Group is one of the fastest-growing golf ownership/management companies in the country. Mark Burnett led the acquisition of Heritage Golf Group in January 2020 with a portfolio of six clubs. Fast-forward two years, and the collection of premier clubs has grown to 20 clubs across nine states, with more under review.  Heritage has received national acclaim for providing truly unique hospitality experiences.

The Traveling Golfer television show has been the fastest-growing television show in America. Four years ago it reached 12.5 million households in America via one major network. Now it reaches 150 million households worldwide via three major networks. Eight years in a row it has received national awards from the International Network of Golf at the PGA Show, four of those years being named the No. 1 Golf Television Show in America.

It was only a matter of time before those two rising forces met, resulting in a partnership that will be mutually beneficial. The Traveling Golfer and its parent company, TL Golf Services, has signed an agreement to promote the Heritage Golf Group. The major portion of that promotion will entail two specific television shows – one from TPC Tampa Bay and a second from Venetian Golf Club in Venice, Florida. Each show will contain promotion of the other Heritage Golf Group properties and the membership network.

“This is a very exciting time for the company,” said Mark Burnett, President and CEO of Heritage Golf Group. “We undertook an aggressive expansion of the company at the right time, when the golf industry is experiencing exponential growth. This has allowed us to acquire a number of clubs and immediately begin the process of improving the golf experience for members and golfers everywhere.”

Heritage Golf Group’s promise for immediate improvement is being realized at the Venetian Golf Club where in early February just days after purchasing the club, Heritage embarked on a million dollar-plus, 12-week improvement program that includes installation of the Better Billy Bunker System in all bunkers and other course beautification projects. Later this year the company is planning to start a major renovation and re-grassing of both The Club at Pelican Preserve and TPC Tampa Bay, one of the few daily fee courses in the portfolio.  In addition, they are in progress on a multi-million dollar clubhouse reinvention at Knollwood Country Club, an iconic private club in Westchester County, New York, scheduled to be completed later this spring.

“I have been involved in projects to restore, renovate, rebuild and resurrect golf courses for 30 years,” explains Tony Leodora, president of TL Golf Services, a golf promotion company, and host of the Traveling Golfer television show. “I have seen management companies come and go. Many golfers have some sad stories to tell.  Heritage Golf Group is different in that it owns and operates the vast majority of its courses. They have a vested interest in each property along with a very broad and experienced leadership team – this makes a world of difference.”

In addition to airing the Traveling Golfer show from the Venetian in August of 2022 and another show from TPC Tampa Bay in December of 2022, golfers everywhere will be kept informed on the progress by Heritage Golf Group through a series of social media posts, most notably on the Traveling Golfer Facebook page.

“When a company is enjoying a meteoric rise as Heritage Golf Group is, the news stories come at a rapid pace,” concluded Leodora. “Golfers are always ready to hear about new places to play and consider for membership/lifestyle, especially when there is a commitment to quality.”

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The Traveling Golfer airs as a scheduled weekly feature show on NBC Sports and NBC Sports + throughout four markets in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. NBC Sports airings are 10:30 a.m. on Sundays, 10 p.m. on Tuesdays and 11 a.m. on Thursdays. NBC Sports + airs the show at 8 p.m. Mondays and Fridays. In addition, the show airs nationally, three times every day, on the Fun Roads Network ( – in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Wichita, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington State, North Dakota, Raleigh, Orlando, San Jose, Albany and Boise markets. Additionally, national and international expansion has taken place via connected TV on Roku, Amazon Fire, SelectTV and GlewedTV. In addition, Traveling Golfer is available on demand on the new WingDing Network, reaching 50 million households worldwide on Roku.

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