Traveling Golfer Increased Distribution and New Show Features and Honorstraveling golfer number 1 golf television show in America

As we move into the 2023 season we’re very excited to share some good news. We’ve increased distribution for the show, added new features to our programming, and received yet another awesome honor. We will continue to find ways to add more value to our Traveling Golfer (TG) clients, reach more audience, and gain recognition for our clients, fanbase, advertisers, and sponsors.


traveling Golfer on NBC SportsNBC Sports

At the end of 2022, we entered into a new contract with NBC Sports for 18 shows in 2023. Continuing this long-standing relationship is a top priority for the TG team. Our fanbase has repeatedly shown they appreciate our continued presence in those markets. In addition to the previous NBC Sports distribution to their northeaster service networks, we’re now on Comcast Xfuinity1!

Wingding TVTraveling Golfer on Wingding tv

In 2022, the show entered into a management agreement with Wingding, LLC giving us access to the Wingding TV network. In addition to having our content on the Wingding TV i0S, Android, and WebApp, the Wingding TV team sends our content to Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iTunes, Chromecast, Facebook, and YouTube. Wingding TV has plans to add an audio version of the TG show in mid 2023 to expand distribution to iHeartRadio, Spotify, TuneIn, iTunes Podcasts, and Google Podcast to name a few.

Traveling Golfer on Fun Roads MediaFun Roads Media

The Fun Roads TV team distributes the TG show to the dish Network connecting the San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Wichita, Boise, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington State, Albany and Orlando markets. We also appear on the Fun Roads Roku, Amazon Fire TV, GlewedTV,  and Select TV.

Traveling Gofler on The Golf DirectorPrint and Website Media

To drive viewers to our distribution network, all TG show announcements are reported in news releases to the Golfwire and therefore appear on a myriad of online magazine and blog websites around the globe. Show content is embedded into various other distribution websites such as our own,,, and a host of featured client and sponsor websites.

New Show Features

Traveling Golfer At The TurnAt The Turn

As our golf course clients work to bring food and beverage revenue to their grills, restaurants, and food trucks, we decided to add some value to TG programming by creating a new segment in each show called At The Turn. At The Turn features each course’s popular food and beverage items as well as F&B staff. In addition to appearing in featured TG show, At The Turn segments are grouped to air in a special Traveling Golfer At The Turn TV show airing Throughout all TG distribution. But wait….there’s more! Each At The Turn segment is separately distributed to the TG and Wingding social accounts as a stand alone reel. At The Turn is free (as an added value item) to the golf course clients and provides new sponsorship opportunities for TG advertisers. If your brand would like to be an At The Turn sponsor, contact us HERE.

Real GolfReal Golf on Traveling Golfer

Real Golf features Executive Producer, Dustin Gilder (a real golfer @15 handicap), playing a hole at all featured courses. Dustin’s score will be tallied from each show throughout the season (18 holes) to reveal is actual round score for the season. There are no retakes, do-overs, or other production smoke and mirrors in this segment. It is as the name implies Real Golf.   As with At The Turn, Real Golf runs in the client’s feature show and is aired separately on TG and Wingding TV socials as a stand alone reel. There’s also a Real Golf segment in the Traveling Golf At The Turn TV show that is aired throughout the TG distribution. Real Golf is another added value item to featured course clients, and provides yet another sponsorship opportunity for TG advertisers. If your brand would like to be a Real Golf sponsor, contact us HERE.

Top TV Show Honors

We never want to miss an opportunity to remind TG fans that for 9 or the 10 years we’ve been producing the show, we’ve either won or finished runner-up in the International Network of Golf’s annual award as The Number 1 Golf Show in America. This prestigious award is presented each year at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida.

It is our goal to provide more of the great golf content that, host and show creator, Tony Leodora began sharing 10 years ago as well as continuing to add value to our featured course clientele. As we continue to sell out advertising spots annually, establish new clients, and have long-standing clients return for new shows, we’re extremely grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead.

If you would like for your course to be featured on an upcoming TG show, contact us HERE.