Grab a Yuengling and drink in the brew’s history and its nearby golf course.

Traveling Golfer is headed to Schuylkill Country Club in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

If you love golf, history, and beer then this is a bucket list for you.

Tony shows us in this classic Traveling Golfer episode.

Tipping Some Yuenglings

He rubs elbows, tips a few Yuenglings, and plays one of the classic golf courses in the United States.

You will meet Dick Yuengling, a fifth generation Yuengling who now oversees the family brewery which is the oldest running in American history.

Tony plays golf with another Schuylkill member and Philadelphia Phillies standout pitcher from the 1990s Tommy Greene.

Watch Tommy hit a golf ball. His blistering fastball from the mound is only overshadowed by his booming golf drives.

Long Ball Tommy Greene

Also watch as Tony throws Tommy one of the great change-ups with his line about Tommy’s nickname “Long Ball Tommy Greene”.

The barbs and levity only make this historic tour more enjoyable.

Historic Schuylkill Country Club in Pottsville, Pennsylvania is a Donald Ross design. You know what that means — undulating greens and false fronts for your approach shots. Tony and Tommy show off some bump and run techniques you will need.

You also will enjoy the scenery — a visual feast from Spring all the way through Autumn.

The course is enveloped by lush greenery, providing a serene backdrop for every swing. Holes meander alongside the tranquil Schuylkill River, offering glimpses of its shimmering waters.

This is the historic coal country that allowed the region to boom in the 19th and 20th centuries.

As a result, Pottsville grew in population over the centuries with an enduring community with generations continuing its growth.

The biggest centerpiece to Pottsville is the Yuengling brewery, which was started back in 1829. You can take a tour of the brewery.

Prohibition Ice Cream

But in this episode, Tony also gets to go into the caverns surrounded by coal fields that keeps the beer cold and, as Tony found out, it kept the family in business during Prohibition by allowing them to create a thriving ice cream company.

There’s just too much history to cover in a half hour episode. So, we highly recommend after watching our episode, you plan a trip to Pottsville, PA.

For instance, you can learn about Pottsville’s love for sports which is deeply ingrained in its history.

Did you know that Pottsville gained national recognition in the early 20th century with the Pottsville Maroons, a professional football team that won the 1925 NFL Championship. Despite their triumph, a controversial bureaucratic decision by the NFL led to the team being denied the title, forever etching Pottsville’s name in football lore.

Pottsville was also involved with the Molly Maguires and the ensuing labor troubles in the 19th Century. The Molly Maguires were a secret society of Irish-American miners who fought against unfair labor practices and dangerous working conditions. The Molly Maguires gained notoriety for their acts of violence, which led to a series of trials and executions. These events left an indelible mark on the city’s labor history and ultimately contributed to improved working conditions for miners.

Today Pottsville is thriving while honoring its incredible past thanks to the Yuengling heritage.

Pottsville is near Allentown and Harrisburg. There are a number of regional airports you can fly into. It’s about a two-hour ride from Philadelphia, so for a lot of folks on the east coast, skipping a flight and driving yourself might be a great idea.

To get a tee time at Schuylkill Country Club, which is a private golf course, you will need your local pro to call their pro shop to vouch for you to set up a round.  Good tip: Tell them you saw them on the Traveling Golfer.

Don’t forget to bring your appetite, beer palate, and your sticks.

But first, watch here.


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