Granted, I’m a bit biased living along the Myrtle Beach Golf Trail, but when you watch this latest episode of the Traveling Golfer at Glen Dornoch you will understand why this region is the place to bring your golf clubs.

The real name of this great layout is Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links. That’s because the course runs along the Intracoastal waterway, giving you great views from the clubhouse and the closing holes on both the opening and finishing nine holes.  It represents all that is amazing along the Carolina Coast and its golf reputation.

Green All Year

Tony gives you a fabulous on-course tour while talking with course owner George Gore who has some inside info on why Glen Dornoch stays brilliantly green all year long.  So, if you hit Myrtle Beach during Thanksgiving or Christmas time, this is still the place to play.

Besides the views and upkeep, Glen Dornoch is also one of the toughest courses to play. More precisely, the finishing three holes might be the toughest collection of holes to end your round while ballooning your score.

Executive Producer Dustin Gilder uses his Real Golf segment to play the 16th Hole Par-4. He maneuvers drive into the wind that could end up in a ravine. Then he has a downhill approach to a narrow green surrounded by more wooded ravines. Take a look and let us know if you could have done better.  Let’s just say Dustin does not drop his overall score on his Real Golf scorecard that lasts all season long.

Beautiful And Devastating

Tony then plays the 17th and 18th holes for you. You also have to see how he scores.  Let’s just say Tony has some head shakes.

The 17th is a par 3 with blind tee, sometimes over a tree, to a green with the waterway on the three sides with a massive hill on the right side.

Meanwhile, the 18th hole offers a choice of where to hit your tee shot to give you two totally different approach shots to the finishing green.

And the 18th hole is another unique trait of Glen Dornoch. Actually the 18th hole is also the 9th hole. Architect Clyde Johnston created this dual green that stretches along the great view that you can enjoy watching from the clubhouse restaurant.

Little River Boom and Fried Bologna

While you will concentrate on the closing holes because of their beauty and their toughness, the rest of Glen Dornoch meanders through some dense forest area, resembling much of the typical Parkland style courses down here that are more inland. There are some tough holes, but not as tough as these closing holes. So sometimes you’re coasting to a great score only to be devastated at the close, as Tony has experienced. If anything, the advice we could give you here is to play Glen Dornoch more than once.

Another reason to play Glen Dornoch is to see the area of Little River, South Carolina — right on the border of North and South Carolina. And it is another boomtown in the region as many people are moving or retiring here.

And another hidden secret you will only find here in this blog. At the clubhouse restaurant, Glen Dornoch offers the fried bologna sandwich.

So, enjoy the show here and understand why Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links helps make The Myrtle Beach Golf Trail and the Myrtle Beach area the mecca of golf in America.